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Here at Nina's Nursery we understand the importance of finding the perfect environment and care for your child.

At our nurseries which are located in Stockport and Macclesfield we provide much more than just childcare. It is our aim to assist every individual child in our care to understand their full potential and achieve maximum progression through learning, as part of an enjoyable homely play environment. We facilitate the development of Social & Communication skills and we encourage each child to become self-motivated and confident.

Our Approach to child care education

Everyone at Nina's Nursery adopts the philosophy that a child's early years are their 'Preparation for Life' and as such, our nursery will provide all aspects of your child's development. In order to realise your child's potential we take into account.

  • the ability of a young child to absorb knowledge and learn from their environment
  • the need for each child to spend their time in purposeful activity
  • that each child deserves full respect as an individual that the child's first six years are the most important and that their earliest learning experiences colour their whole approach to learning through to adulthood
  • that learning should be a rewarding and pleasant experience

At Nina's Nursery we strive to improve the high standard of education and care we provide

All the staff at our nursery are committed to meeting the standards set by Ofsted and the DFE. To assist in our endeavours we use the services of a Educational teacher who inspects our work and advises on areas for improvement. You can download, view or request an email copy of our brochure and our latest Ofsted report.